29 April 2018

Grapefruits (temporarily) lost

This post, five years ago today, was a stock-taking/celebration on having completed (the as-yet-unperformed) Misapprehension, Annabel Lee, and the (also as-yet-unperformed) Organ Sonata.

One good result (for the composer, at any rate) of casting whatever I am thinking, at the moment, onto the blog is, when I go back, I find things whereof I have apparently lost all recollection.  Otherwise, Grapefruits of Rage might always have been lost to me (and . . . to the musical world).
Separately – while I thought that this was exactly the phrase as related to me when a friend spoke (in an affectionately jokey manner, to be sure) of his favorite country songs . . . the only results on the Internet to show for “I Sure Could Learn to Miss You, Baby, If You’d Only Go Away” are posts which I made, myself. What if I made that up?
And this is from Thursday, the piece I drew up late in November, as indicated here.

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