18 December 2017

Day 6 of The 13 Days of Zappaness, 2017 Edition

More than a decade later, and in the era of the new compact disc medium, fans of Optional Entertainment could be thrilled by not only the freshly renewed availability of long out-of-print classics (such as Lumpy Gravy) but the breathtaking volume of new material pooting forth from the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.  In particular, I look back—not on any chance meeting with the Vanilla Fudge—but on the gradually emerging You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore series, and the compilations from the self-implosive “big band” tour of 1988.

For now, I’m through with ado (apart from observing how borderline creepy it is, that the YouTube ID for a track with orifice in the title, includes the characters Sex in the text string):

Day 6, “Alien Orifice” (from Make A Jazz Noise Here)

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