13 December 2014

Welcome guest

What a pleasure to be a "ringer" (an extra voice, I mean . . . now that there are handbells in my musical life, I must be clear) at St Adelaide's Advent Service of Lessons & Carols (in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe) last night. Michael Olbash is the music director & organist, and it's really a very nice program, particularly for a Catholic parish. I was selected to be one tenor in a select octet to sing the de Victoria Ave Maria, a piece I love (though I think this is the very first I ever sang the tenor line). We also did an English translation of Wachet auf. It was a very nice assortment of music, and all of even the new-ish music was respectable.  An entirely lovely occasion.

Today my musical tasks are, to send a last pre-concert e-mail message to my choir and handbell ringers [done];  and spend just a little time studying Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song [partly done] — mostly re-memorizing the changing meters, but also deciding where to drop from a quick two into one-beat-per-bar, so that everyone in the ensemble knows that's what I am doing, and therefore to mend one transition which was the one dodgy thing from Thursday's run-throughs which was purely my own fault.

And there will be a grocery run!

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