06 December 2014


Whitman's poetry I find both beautiful and a little frightening. I read, & I think he has already lived my life. I wonder, am I really living my own life, or do I but dream that I live my life?


jochanaan said...

"Wenn nur ein Traum das Leben ist,
Warum denn Müh’ und Plag’!?"

(from one of your not-so-favorite composers ;) )

Karl Henning said...

Have I mentioned (or, do you already know) that story from Joseph Kerman's The Appreciation of Music (I think the title was)? In a music history class, when they were about to begin study of Mendelssohn, one of the students objected, "But isn't he a Grade-B composer?"

The teacher thought a second, and replied, "Yes, but I'm not sure you understand how very good that is."