21 March 2014

Quietish Friday

Paul Cienniwa is preparing the Organ Sonata, planning to use a movement or two as Preludes before summer moves the FCB Sunday worship service to the air-conditioned parish hall.  He now has it learnt, just needs to play it two or three times to “season” it, and then: we are a go!

The two pieces including the handbell choir (When the morning stars sang together, and the sons of God shouted for joy for shakuhachi, handbells & tenor drum;  and Divinum mysterium for unison choir and handbells) will both go on this Sunday morning.

George Bozeman, organist, organ builder, and great friend of the late Bill Goodwin, is organizing the Memorial Concert for Bill.  For a while I was fantasizing that the Quintessential Brass Quintet, whom Bill hired twice a year for the special services for Easter and Christmas, might take part – and that I might conduct them in one of the many pieces I wrote for them to play at First Congo in Woburn.  Seems they will be otherwise engaged (it is their prime gig season, after all) . . . so as I was composing an e-mail message replying to George, rather than asking if there would be space for a 20-minute clarinet unaccompanied piece, I decided I should write a new 10-minute piece: The Tower Room Is Empty (in memoriam Wm. A Goodwin).  I started sketches for this piece on my lunch break today.

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