11 March 2014

Myriad prospects

D'Anna Fortunato (mezzo-soprano) and Peter H. Bloom (baritone saxophone, on this occasion) will perform my setting of Leo Schulte's The Crystalline Ship at Boston's Church of the Advent this Friday evening.

That same day (I believe) EmmaLee Holmes Hicks and Paul Cienniwa will begin joint rehearsal of Plotting (y is the new x) for violin and harpsichord.

I think the saxophone choir arrangement of Intermezzo I from White Nights may undergo some rehearsal tomorrow evening.

Sometime soon (this weekend? next week?) we shall perhaps read through I saw people walking around like trees for the first go.

The Cello Sonatina is, I believe, angling towards a performance, though information is wanting.

I should follow up, but I think I recall that Sara Richardson Crigger will be playing Nicodemus brings myrrh and aloes for the burial of the Christ on Palm Sunday (13 April). I think, too, that there will be a Boston performance of the same piece.

In a week and a half (I think) The 9th Ear will have an organizational meeting . . . not only (I hope) a post-mortem of the initial concerts, but plans for concerts which will give meaning to the phrase just used (initial concerts).

My Island Home will perhaps go into rehearsal this fall.

Paul Cienniwa's choir at FCB will sing the Agnus Dei, not sure just when.

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