08 November 2011

Here I am

It is gratifying that, from time to time (not at all seldom, really) various people I know ask when next my music will be performed. Fact is (nor have I settled upon the perfectly fair adjective to modify that fact) I rarely have an answer.

Listening these days to harpsichord music of Frescobaldi & Couperin, a couple of the Shostakovich symphonies from the Haitink set (recordings I hadn't heard before), a disc of a small Turkish folk orchestra (led by a violinist) which a friend who is originally from Turkey has lent me, some of the more obscure Liszt tone-poems. About to listen to only the second recording I'll know of Busoni's Fantasia contrappuntistica.

Thanks to Joe's retweeting it, I see that the St Paul's choir here in Boston are going to sing my Nunc dimittis this Sunday.

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