25 November 2011

Black Friday listening

1. Béla Fleck: "Backwoods Galaxy" from Tales from the Acoustic Planet
2. Shostakovich: Prelude & Fugue 14 in e-flat minor (Tatiana Nikolayeva)
3. Frescobaldi: Recercar dopo il Credo from Fiori musicali (Roberto Lorregian)
4. JS Bach: Suite 3 in C for cello solo BWV 1009, ix. Gigue (Pablo Casals)
5. Stravinsky: Le baiser de la fée, Lullaby of the Land Beyond Time and Place (LSO, Robt Craft)
6. JS Bach: Prelude 23 in B, BWV 868 (Sergei Schepkin, pf)
7. The Beatles: "Something" from Abbey Road
8. Genesis: "Anyway" from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
9. Captain Beefheart: "Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish" from Trout Mask Replica
10. JS Bach: Chorale Prelude « Christum wir sollen loben schon », BWV 611 (Helmut Walcha, org)
11. Sibelius: Night Ride & Sunrise, Op.55 (LSO, Antal Doráti)
12. Jeff Beck: "Star Cycle" from There and Back
13. Ömer Faruk Tekbilek: "I Love You" from Istanbul Lounge
14. François Couperin: Cinquième Ordre, La Flore (Olivier Baumont, hpschd)
15. Chick Corea: "Spanish Fantasy Pt 2" from My Spanish Heart
16. Shostakovich: Four Romances on Poems of Pushkin, Op.46, 1 "Renaissance" (Mikhail Lukonin, bass; Yuri Serov, pf)
17. Berlioz: L'enfance du Christ, Op.25, Part III Scene ii, Le maison des Ismaélites (BSO, Chas Munch, & al.)
18. Bob Dylan & The Band: "Crash on the Levee" from The Basement Tapes
19. Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet, Op.64, Act I Scene ii, 13 The Knights' Dance (BSO, Ozawa)
20. Stravinsky: Introduction to L'oiseau de feu, arr. for three pianos (Giorgia Tomassi, Carlo Maria Griguoli & Alessandro Stella)

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