12 February 2011

Butter and gravel

. . . eight remarkable measures ... surrounded by a half-hour of banality.
— Glenn Gould

I am given to understand that this is Gould’s summation of the great Mozart Symphony in g minor, K.550. (It is part of a virtual neighbor’s signature, a chap who fondly imagines that it “confirms” the “fact” that Mozart is “overrated” — but that’s a separate fallacy.)

I wonder what someone who is not particularly sympathetic to Gould’s style of performance would say about his work?

Aye, I wonder.

Separately: Started season 3 of The Twilight Zone last night. Could never have imagined, unaided, a two-actor script starring Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery. (The latter making a curious attempt to pronounce a single Russian adjective.)

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