20 December 2010

Where have you gone, Vince Guaraldi?

Berlioz does not try to be pleasing and elegant; what he hates, he grasps fiercely by the hair; what he loves, he almost crushes in his fervor.
— Robt Schumann

On fb, Our Man in Sicily posts a link from La filosofia dei Peanuts. Which strikes me as rather grammatically fussy, in observing that the English noun Peanuts is plural. Mentally, I have always thought the title of the legendary strip in the singular; I mean, I have never thought of the characters (Charlie Brown, Lucy or Linus Van Peldt, Peppermint Patty, Snoopie, Schroeder) as one Peanut each.

— I still remember watching Jeopardy as a boy, and seeing one of the challenging answers to be replied to in the form of a question . . . well, the gist of it was the Charles Schultz considered Peanuts to be the worst name for a comic strip ever. I don’t know the story of how the name came to be used . . . I have an idea that Sparky’s own title for the strip was Little People. [A friend in Ohio corrects me: Li’l Folk.]

Anyway, I have thought forever of Peanuts as being a collective noun amd functioning in the singular. Yes, I should have preferred La filosofia de Peanuts. Probably impossibly eccentric of me.

Our favorite expatriate Texan discovers The Graduate:

The Graduate is billed as a comedy. Really, though, it is deeply unsettling.

Hard to think how the song would sound as “Mrs Roosevelt.”

And because the game is just too much fun:

1. Bartók, String Quartet № 5, Sz. 114, iii. Scherzo. Alla bulgarese (Emerson String Quartet) [938/1308]
2. Martinů, Frescoes of Piero della Francesca H.352, i. Andante poco moderato (Cz Phil, Ančerl) [578/1308]
3. Shostakovich, String Quartet № 9 in E-flat Major, Opus 117, i. Allegro (Emerson String Quartet) [969/1308]
4. Stravinsky, De elegia prima from Threni (Robt Craft conducting) [244/1308]
5. Sibelius, Symphony № 7 in C Major, Opus 105, [iv]. Presto, poco a poco ritardando (Helsinki Phil, Berglund) [857/1308]
6. Beethoven, Symphony № 6 in F Major (Pastorale), Opus 68, iii. Allegro (Gewandhaus Orchestra, Masur) [1002/1308]
7. Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band, “Rusty (Champion Thrust)” from Let’s Make Up and Be Friendly (reissued w/ bonus tracks) [738/1308]
8. Ravel, Pavane pour une infant défunte (Detroit Symphony, Paray) [713/1308]
9. Shostakovich, Prelude & fugue in G Major from the Opus 87 (Tatiana Nikolayeva) [440/1308] 10. Prokofiev, Cinderella, Opus 87, Act III, № 43 Oriental Dance (Cleveland Orchestra, Ashkenazy) [123/1308]
11. Berlioz, L’enfance du Christ, Scene i, Une rue de Jérusalem (BSO & al., Munch) [360/1308]
12. Piazzolla, “Mumuki” (Tango: Hora Cero) [617/1308]
13. Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet, Opus 64, Act III, scene viii, № 50 At Juliet’s bedside, Andante. Adagio (BSO, Ozawa) [79/1308]
14. Prokofiev, Four Pieces, Opus 4, № 2 Ardour (Eteri Andjaparidze) [305/1308]
15. Prokofiev, Piano Concerto № 5 in G Major, Opus 55, iv. Larghetto (Béroff, Gewandhausorchester, Masur) [688/1308]
16. Prokofiev, Cinderella, Opus 87, Act I, № 11 Second appearance of the Fairy Godmother (Cleveland Orchestra, Ashkenazy) [87/1308]
17. Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms, mvt II (Robt Craft conducting) [702/1308]
18. Stravinsky, Abraham & Isaac, [ii.] And Abraham took the wood (Ollie Knussen conducting) [32/1308]
19. Prokofiev, Visions fugitives, Opus 29, № 7 Pittoresco (Béroff) [1226/1308]
20. Shostakovich, Symphony № 9, Opus 70, iv. Largo (Prague Symphony, Maksim Dmitriyevich) [816/1308]

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