23 December 2010

Carol of the Bassoon

I am the Bassoon
by Gurn Blanston

I am the bassoon, I stand straight and tall.
My voice is from the greatest deep
The bass line is what I keep
From straying off the chosen beat
Without me they will doubtless fall,
I am the bassoon.

I am the bassoon, I have been here all the while.
When viols and lutes carried the tune
They did it on top of the bassoon.
When oboes were still called shawm
When flutes were made of hollow sticks
When it was chitarra that played hot licks
I was there, I am the bassoon.

I am the bassoon, I can be a clown.
I can bark and fart and belch in time
With all the others on the melody line
I carry the basses, cellos and brass
No one can replace me so kiss my ass.
I am the bassoon. Blow me.

Gurn Blanston is a pseudonym.

No, the poet is not Steve Martin.

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