09 March 2010

G-man, Chorosity & Flowers Onto a Canvas

Fascinating word comes in from an old schoolmate. And a big thank-you to A Certain Soprano Saxophonist for setting a none-too-high threshold:

Thanks to comedian Mike Birbiglia, my kids have a passing knowledge of the horror of Kenny G. It came up in conversation at supper this evening and I said, “Here’s some really good clarinet.” And we listened to Heedless Watermelon from your Emory concert. They liked it, too.

Most encouraging news, in the form of a post-rehearsal communiqué to the choir:

We are in really good shape right now. I suspect that many of you are dwelling on the last 30' of rehearsal, but, believe me, this is really on its way to being a great concert. Once we worked out the pitch issue, we didn't have much time to pick at the crucifixion—but I’m not terribly concerned.

The first half of the Passion was really, really good. Just remember to be dynamic on the polyphonic sections. (Please practice them and note the tempo differences.) The Bach is great fun, and you are singing it really well. Again, remember to be dynamic, and, for now, don’t be afraid to sing out!

We will begin next week’s rehearsal with a review of the two famous crucifixion passages, first trying w/o sopranos and then adding them. From there, we’ll give a complete run of the program, followed by some spot-checking.

Thank you for your patience, flexibility and ability to stand for three hours of rehearsal!

Three hours is a passel of rehearsal . . . it’s good (and necessary) for building the stamina needed to sing such a program without petering out towards the end. Very excited at what promises to be a brace of powerful concerts!

And, my idol:

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