08 March 2010

First Limitation

Watched “The Galaxy Being” tonight, the first episode of The Outer Limits (originally broadcast on 16 September 1963). The music by Dominic Frontiere (born in New Haven, CT on 17 June 1931) was pretty good.

According to Wikipedia, Frontiere was also a jazz accordionist; and he was incarcerated for scalping tickets to the 1980 Super Bowl (his wife at the time owned the L.A. Rams). Some composers sure do live.


Cato said...

Yes! That episode was really great!

Even though "The Twilight Zone" was first, "The Outer Limits" had some excellent episodes.

The one with David McCallum as a coal miner in Wales, who lets a scientist speed up his evolution, also sticks in my mind.

Frontiere had a great style for the series.

Karl Henning said...

It surprised me (no reason, save my own ignorance) to learn that The Twilight Zone was first!

Watched "The Hundred Days of the Dragon" this evening . . . I am pleased with myself that I had actually seen The Manchurian Candidate first . . . .