04 February 2009

A turn of the wheel

Some composition on the bus ride in the morning. In the evening, trying to remember what little I had managed to learn about the Sibelius software, by inputting this morning's work.

And there was morning, and there was evening. . . .

Getting a bit snow-weary now. There is a kind of latent optimism in operation, I think, in the fact that I've listened to Le sacre du printemps some four or five times, yesterday and today.

Viz. Sibelius (the software) . . . I am (or, I suppose I must say at this point, was) enjoying it. The score for The Angel Who Bears a Flaming Sword was a First Exercise in teaching myself the software; and then Second Exercise was taking the Overture to White Nights and building a new score in Sibelius . . . in which task I had got to page 14. I probably have found occasion to take that back up, and carry it through to completion, in order to send the score somewhere. (Nothing will probably come of that, but at least, [a] I will have a score even neater than I had created in Finale, and [b] I shall have re-learnt Sibelius, and learnt yet more . . . and perhaps it will stick a bit better.)

Now, it is not so much a case of not enjoying Sibelius (of course), as of some annoyance that I've retained so little, from my first bout of 'training'. I must try to remember that I am probably not so dully stupid as I feel just at present.

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