03 February 2009

Snow, Then Flute, Then Snow Again

[Matisse] was interested neither in fending off opposition,
nor in competing for the favor of wayward friends.
His only competition was with himself.

— Françoise Gilot

Back home after an MBTA journey through the snow. Met after work with flautist Peter Bloom who read through the alto flute version of The Angel Who Bears a Flaming Sword; I clarified some aspects of the piece, and via Peter's reading, I am confirmed in liking the piece entirely. We agreed that the piece is rather more trying for the trumpet (for which instrument I originally composed it); still, even as a flute piece it resists sight-reading . . . Peter's a brave player. I certainly need to lay it out fresh with proper page-turns (which I am aghast to find I failed to do earlier).

Hopefully, we may make something of the piece hereafter.

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