01 November 2008

Quiet Beginnings

Heard on public radio a short piece on Mexico's observation of the Day of the Dead (though it seems that today is actually El Día de los Angelitos, and the 2nd is El Día de los Muertos proper), and how it is a celebration, and not mourning. I wish I could claim that I cleverly selected this occasion to start up a blog, but it will be truer to claim enjoyment of the serendipity.

I got the idea (of at last starting up a blog) in part from an invitation (not an invitation to start up a blog) extended by my young friend Margaret. I shan't explain further; but if Margaret or her excellent parents read this, it will perhaps occasion a smile.

A short while ago, I was talking with colleague (and friend) Paul Cienniwa, and he invited me to write something for voice and continuo. Writing a figured bass does not strike me as impossible, but it's quite different to how I usually compose, and I did not immediately take up the invite. However, Maria since asked me if I could write a lullaby, as a gift for friends who are just now welcoming their first child into the world. The two requests at roughly the same time, I may take as a compositional occasion . . . and so I called Paul, and we talked about how I might approach his invitation. He was, as I fully expected, helpful . . . and I am still mulling.

I can't spend much time mulling alone, for Maria will expect a piece in short order.

Also, I am very nearly back in touch with a fellow clarinetist from undergrad days, at the College of Wooster. I hope to have more to say on that before very long.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on entering the blogosphere, Karl! Nice banner, too. Wishing you much success, many readers and the time to enjoy them.

Karl Henning said...

Many thanks, Bruce!

Anonymous said...

You're now on my "to read" list!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Karlito! Can I say that here??

Karl Henning said...