25 June 2020

Past, Present, and not-quite-immediate Future

In reverse order:

I have done just a sliver more work on the second movement of the Symphony № 2. Will let ideas percolate a bit more.

One of my teachers, Judith Shatin, writes:

I composed The Best Angel in Heaven in the cruel month of April, 2020, in memory of Sandra Santos-Vizcaino, the wonderful third-grade teacher at PS 9 in Brooklyn, NY who passed away from Covid-19.

The poignant directness of the ‘found’ text is powerful, both because the music is of just the right character, and courtesy of the composer’s keeping masterfully ‘out of the text’s way.

The latest Facebook status update of an old schoolmate of mine reads: I never finish anythi

I shall conclude this post tomorrow (weather and authorities permitting)

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