27 June 2019

pre-summer catch-up

The May Triad concerts were excellent, our strongest yet, I believe;  In my present recovery, I was but a spectator, and I rejoiced to hear such beautiful performances of both It Might Happen Today, and the Alleluia in Ab . My expectation is that I shall be ready to participate fully in the fall concerts.

Our King's Chapel concert went very nicely; and it was especially gratifying to have two new pieces by my friend and colleague Pam Marshall.

We shall repeat this program at the church where I serve as Music Director, this Sunday.

Per my last blog post, I did indeed prepare a score in the form of a guide for the percussion soloist in Mistaken for the Sacred, and Olivia Kieffer has approved. She has just begun a new graduate program at U. Miami, and plans to perform the piece when she will have settled.

My 100-note toy piano piece, Penny Candy (the first piece I composed after discharge from hospital, has been accepted.

To complete a set of threev pieces for Ensemble Aubade, I have begun work on Bicycling Into the Sun (Feel the Burn), will confirm with Peter on Saturday what duration is desired.

Well, Gentle Reader, I am now about caught up. As I continue my recovery, my plan is to make use of the summer to resume work on White Nights;  if I can finish the ballet for my birthday, my happiness will be considerable, indeed.

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