29 August 2018

Warming the engine

Those who selectively ignore history are full willing to repeat it, so long as they are the beneficiaries.
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

Malevolent Maybelline.
Postcards From Dead Squirrel Trail

It may or may not be a token of how diligently I originally planned on being;  I had completely forgotten that my first draught for A Heart So White (the initial live-instrumental statement, and the beginning of the text-setting) dates from 15 January.  No, I never did look at it again until this morning.  Over the past three weeks I have formed new notions, but they appear in all ways reconcilable with this ancient MS.  (You may have guessed by now that, in fact, my “work” on the piece last night consisted solely of planning to scare up this old draught.)

But today is new.  There will be work, and maybe even a goodly shake of it.

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