20 February 2018

Changes, changes

Won’t be able to do From the Pit of a Cave in the Cloud in October.  Won’t be able to finish A Heart So White for the April program, thanks in large part to a wintry indisposition.

Bumping A Heart So White to October.  Pulling up Avrohom Leichtling’s cl/fl duet to serve as part of the April program.  Writing a wind quartet, 5 or 6 minutes, Down Along the Canal to Minerva RoadPam Marshall has a piece for us to play.  Christopher Gordon Forbes and Mark Gresham will have duets for us.  The April concert is covered.

Great Triad rehearsal last night.  Felt good to be able to sing again, at last – first time in something like three weeks.  A good thing, as we have a concert at Curry College this Saturday.

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