27 September 2017

henningmusick: Ink barely dry [26.ix.2009]

henningmusick: Ink barely dry

... on that train last night (whose departure was not at midnight, and which did not leave for Georgia), I finished out the piece. It is a brief (four minutes) companion to the flute-clarinet duet Heedless Watermelon, written to fill out the April date at King’s Chapel.

On the bus this morning (as ever, really) and passing the silhouetted Bunker Hill obelisk, and reflecting on the birth of All the Birds in Mondrian’s Cage. Which of course immediately becomes an occasion for renewed gratitude to my excellent colleague and longtime collaborateur-provocateur, Peter H. Bloom, with whom I have performed the piece any number of times these several intervening years. And, the piece remains fresh.

This morning I sent some minor, oh so very minor, corrigenda for the Gloria to Lux Nova.  Also, the Sibelius files for the Op.28 organ pieces.

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