13 August 2017

Pagination Adventures, Some More

Eleven years ago, when it was my privilege to serve as Interim Choir Director at the Cathedral Church of St Paul in Boston, I composed a fresh Evening Service in D.  We were to sing it during Lent, so the choral music is unaccompanied, and there were interludes played by a pair of trombones (tenor and bass).  The Canticles for this service may be my first Latin settings (I had set the Evensong Canticles in English before).

All in all, it is probably not practical ever to publish the Op.87 as a complete set:  it is hypothetical in the extreme to suppose that any church would (again) make use of it as designed.  So I have been concentrating on the Canticles.

The octavo of the Magnificat is a puzzler.  I doubt, if we keep the staves at 6mm., that we can keep it to 4pp.  It fits to 4pp. readily with the staves at 5.5mm.

There is no rush to find a solution to the puzzle.

The performance of the Evening Service in D in its entirety may remain a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor (rather an odd thought, really).

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