12 October 2016

Symphony beginning

(As posted to Facebook 8 October.)

In the perhaps optimistic expectation that life will carry on 9 November and beyond, I have started work on Symphony № 1.

There are layers of optimism here . . . starting a large piece, and hoping to bring it to its completion . . . starting it, with the apparent implication of a № 2 . . . writing a large piece, not knowing if or where it might be brought to an audience . . . &c. &c. &c.

But, over the past couple of days, a musical idea has taken root in my inner ear, and its only practical application is, for orchestra.

Other practical guidelines for the present project:  I'll write it for a smallish orchestra, and at a technical level which could conceivably suit a community orchestra.  Nevertheless, the musical language will be at a level to make it worth the attention of a professional orchestra.  The scale, too, should not be immediately forbidding to a community orchestra;  so let's say a 25-minute piece in three movements.

As there is no immediate (nor near-term) need for such a piece, I do not set even a soft deadline;  I'll work on it, as and when the Muse bids me.

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