13 August 2016

henningmusick: The self-evident [telephone her teeth] hold

henningmusick: The self-evident truths we hold

First, as to Oxygen Footprint, I briefly report that I am true to the mission of daily progress, and the piece is presently at the 2:15 mark.

In the interval since the 5 July post above, the reading of The Young Lady Holding a Phone in Her Teeth with Kammerwerke went very well on the 21st.  There is a set rehearsal schedule, starting the third week of October, and the performance will be 18 November.

I also made a start on the fixed media accompaniment for Olivia Kieffer's piece, Mistaken for the Sacred, which we have decided will be a seven-minute piece.  I joked with her that I'll make it eight minutes, and she can mime for the first 60 seconds.  At some point, we shall see if I am kidding.

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