13 February 2015

Variations on tra-la-la

How gratifying that, in spite of the pummeling weather, my gallant choir members came to last night's rehearsal all the same. We reviewed and refined the anthem which we had meant to sing this Sunday past, for the service which wound up canceled, courtesy of the blizzard. (There is more snow coming, so this present Sunday is in some doubt, too.) With Lent beginning next week, the cancellation has meant that I put the Alleluia in D on hold; how very nice that one of my altos suggested that we sing it as a second choral offering on Easter morning . . . and so, we rehearsed that, as well. We also sight-read Charles Knox's lovely Wings for Our Soul (and it seems that our use of this piece on 22 March will be its first performance in its original guise); I knew it is a beautiful little piece, and it was gratifying that my choir agree with me.

The as-yet-unnamed composer-conductor choral concern continues to shape up. We've agreed on rehearsal times (though I shall be out of town for the first rehearsal, alas), and I learnt last night that we have found a rehearsal space, in Cambridge. The concert date is Thursday, 21 May, and unless there is some bump in the repertory, my Agnus Dei ought to receive its premiere then; a second (and nearby) date for the same program will be added. I am excited and interested to learn what piece I shall conduct on those concerts.

The present necessity for a somewhat curtailed version of the score means that The Mysterious Fruit joins such illustrious company as Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song & Castelo dos anjos (and, technically, I Sang to the Sky, & Day Broke) in the ranks of Henningmusick Whose Inaugural Performance Required Temporary Cuts. Not a grave worry, as I feel certain the Fruit will be done complete before very long. Castelo dos anjos is languishing awaiting an unabridged performance.

Tomorrow, I shall prepare the temporary Performing Edition of the Op.124; and over the weekend, perhaps I shall finish the piano adaptation of the piece for Sara.

Oh! And in a sense I am making progress on the Sanctus, since I have decided (pretty much without any effort of salvage) to discard the first two attempts. I suppose, I just need to listen a little more clearly.

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