21 September 2014

Evening before last

Friday's rehearsal of The Mystic Trumpeter with Evelyn Griffin was a blast;  an excellent start, and we have ample time for rehearsal and polish, so the 7 October performance should be cracking!

One funny thing is:  we read through it section by section, and I decided to start with what is probably the easiest section, Bring the old pageants--show the feudal world.  Anyway, we hopped from section to section, and at one point where we stopped and needed to restart, we had trouble, because Evelyn told me a measure number, and I began playing, but she got thrown off somehow.  At that point in the score, my part and the score were a measure off!  I assured her that I would clean it up later, and now that we knew that was the problem, we adjusted and continued rehearsing.  Turned out that at one seam where there was a silent pause (in time), I had decided there was a little too much time, so I changed what had been two 6/8 measures into a single 9/8 measure.  That was how Evelyn's score (correctly) read, yet I hadn't made that change in the clarinet part.

NORMALLY:  any change to the score results in changes through all the parts belonging to that file.  But:  I had created a separate file for the clarinet part . . . since the clarinet is in A, but the singer should have a score in C, the lowest notes would be on illegibly numerous leger lines, so for the score I resorted to occasionally casting the clarinet part in bass clef.  Hence the need for a separate file for the clarinet part, since practically no clarinetist will find odd bits in bass clef intelligible.

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