30 June 2014

Finale of Night the First

Perhaps this is a most peculiar existence, after all.  There's this music which I wrote, years and years ago.  It's never been performed, there has been no occasion for any performance;  although, of course, I have several times shown it to prospective conductors.  I thought it very good music, then, when I wrote it.  For whatever reason (and I do not think the reason is the quality or character of the music) this substantial bit of work on my part, and work of which I was proud, has been silent all these long years.

[No, this is not complaint.]

So as I continue the process of revisiting the "old scenes" from the ballet, creating new Sibelius files of the scores, refining and adding detail, with practically each page I find music I am pleased and proud to have written.

Yesterday I got just past the half-way point in Scene 3b.  Not so much work as I might have got done over the weekend, perhaps.  Probably, considering the work remaining with this Scene and with the first Intermezzo, I can plan on reaching the end of Night the First over the coming holiday weekend.

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