10 April 2014

Looking ahead to May

... though I have much to do yet in April.

For the Bill Goodwin memorial concert, the brass will be able to take part!  The lower three-fifths of the quintet, anyway.  This morning I spoke with the quintet's liaison, and they are game for a trio from me;  and just now, I spoke with Geo. Bozeman (who is organizing the whole do, God bless him), and he knows to expect a brass trio in addition to the elegiac clarinet solo The Tower Room Is Empty (in memoriam Wm A. Goodwin).

I was thinking at first (the time being short) of adapting one of the trombone duo interludes from the Evening Service in D.  Maybe I shall still do that . . . or, since Leslie told me that the brass will not get together until next week, perhaps I shall write something entirely new.

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