31 December 2013

The year in Henningmusick

There appeared a review of the First Church Boston Choir concert in which they sang Love is the spirit, the first-ever (so far as I know) reference in any review to my music. [ performance here ]

Composed (and performed) Thoreau in Concord Jail, Op.109. [ performance here ]

The First Church Boston Choir (directed by Paul Cienniwa) sang the première of the Kyrie, Op.106 № 1

Composed Annabel Lee, Op.111, which was selected by the Libella Quartet for performance on their April concert. [ performance here ]

Composed Misapprehension, Op.112 for clarinet choir in 15 parts.

Completed composing the Organ Sonata, Op.108.

Prepared pre-press editions of several older pieces.

Composed The Mystic Trumpeter, Op.113 № 1 for soprano and clarinet in A, and Après-mystère, Op.113 № 2, for flute (or piccolo) and clarinet in A. [ audio of the Op.113 № 2 here ]

Composed Nicodemus brings myrrh and aloes for the burial of the Christ, Op.85 № 4 for cello and piano.

Composed Zen on the Wing, Op.114 № 2, for flute and clarinet in A. [ audio here ]

Composed just what everyone was expecting, Op.114 № 1, for clarinet in Bb and marimba.

I was appointed Music Director at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church in Danvers, Mass.

The Reinhardt University Percussion Ensemble performed Journey to the Dayspring, Op.40.

Arranged Counting Sheep (or, The Dreamy Abacus of Don Quijote) for Pierrot-plus ensemble (Op.58a)

Composed Plotting (y is the new x), Op.116 for violin and harpsichord.

Arranged the first Intermezzo from White Nights (Op.75 № 6) for saxophone choir in 12 parts.

Composed My Island Home, Op.115 for percussion ensemble (10 players).

The Lux Nova edition (the only authorized edition) of Journey to the Dayspring, Op.40 is now available at Amazon.

Arranged Moonrise for flute choir in six parts (Op.84a)

Expanded Angular Whimsies (Heavy Paint Manipulation) for quartet (bass clarinet, percussion [two players], piano, Op.100a)

And may God rest the soul of our dear friend, William A. Goodwin.

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