21 October 2013

The History of Sheep (Part IV)

As I continue the process of re-scoring Counting Sheep (or, The Dreamy Abacus of Don Quijote), I have chanced upon an e-mail message with attachment.

And I learn that I sent the score for the original (on 24 May 2010) to a colleague in an ensemble dedicated to new music here in the Boston area - someone from whom I never heard back.

Underscoring two or three great truths for the living composer:

1) It is not every musical group which bothers with new music; and,
2) It is not every musical group which do bother with new music, which will take in interest in yours.
3) And, they may not even give you the least courtesy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's a crying shame when people don't even write back! Composers and performers and composer-performers ought to treat each other with basic respect and politeness. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't!