31 July 2013


Ideas came last night (head on pillow) for both Après-mystère and just what everyone was expecting. Without particular effort, I remained aware of both ideas this morning, although at that time I did not record them, choosing to focus instead on The Mystic Trumpeter. When I cracked open the notebook at lunchtime, though, I did scribble some notes, to serve as reminders hereafter.

My brother Kurt was planning to draw a windmill for his lunch break, and asked for appropriate musical suggestions. Of course, I thought first of R. Strauss's Don Quixote. And then of Monteverdi's Zefiro torna, Debussy's Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest, the setting of Westron Wind in the Stravinsky Cantata.

Wound up talking a bit about White Nights with Marc, and a customer overhead me. Excited, she said she'd post about it on Facebook.

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