22 April 2013

Now, where did it go? . . .

The odd thing is, I feel certain that I have more sketches for the third movement of the Organ Sonata from (granted) a couple of weeks ago, but they’re not in this notebook. I am sure I did not imagine it . . . .

Anyway, (a) I could recreate those sketches if I find that I feel strongly about that material, and (b) the sketches from this week fit better with the movement at this point.
The ‘missing material’ may work better in augmentation, anyway . . . rather than actually writing the music at a breakneck pace (which would in all likelihood, as with the Toccata before, limit performances) I think it may be enough to initiate the movement with the hint of a reckless tempo, and then ‘bask’ in that established tone, but keep the activity under apparent control.

Separately, very excited about the Libella Quartet concert this Thursday coming. I am certain they will do a cracking job with Annabel Lee.

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