12 March 2013

Thoreau at King's Chapel

Thoreau in Concord Jail went well.  (And I do hope that the recording bears me out on that.)  But indeed, five people came up to the composer afterwards and spoke very warmly (I mean, enthusiastically) about the piece. Curious to say (chalk it up to The first performance is never perfect), I 'rushed' a bit . . . to-day's performance probably clocks at 23 minutes plus.

The kindness and good grace of the audience is always the high point of the experience.  When told that your recent performance was wonderful and beautiful, you hardly dare think that you deserve the words, but it determines you to try always to justify such generous adjectives.

One lady told me that Thoreau's flute, and the lock from his cell, are on view in Concord . . . and Heinrich suggested a concert on location. I wonder . . . .

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