20 December 2012


Yesterday, I coined the word angloiserie.

If you're in the market for the 5-CD Sony reissue, Boulez Conducts Schoenberg I, there's someone on Amazon selling a used copy for $2,140.79. It's good, I may even say excellent; but personally, I should never pay that much for it.

In Hollywood, casting has begun for The Man Behind the Mash: The Jack Daniels Story.

A kind soul was listening recently to Night of the Weeping Crocodiles, and enquired after the title . . . Europeans in the 14th century or so took the notion that crocodiles weep while eating (or even to snare) their prey; and so crocodile tears became an idiom for feigned sorrow.

At the time when I adapted this piece for instrumental trio (it was originally the setting of a Wilde poem), the artists in my life were involved with a group of people who meddled in, and at times outright obstructed, some architectural/design projects, but who made a great show of being "nice," "friendly" people.

I found the experience not merely touching, but inspirational . . . .

On one head, a response came in which was was timely, polite and professional.

And boils down to I have no use for your music.

Probably most importantly, I am keeping true to the 3-a-day drill.

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