20 April 2012

One jolly dart, not Cupid’s

I shot an arrow in the air . . . .
Although I've an idea I tried this before (an idea which may, in fact, be near purely fanciful), I've sent e-mail to a clarinetist's agent. We shall see.  Or maybe, we shan't see anything.
. . . no response to my second (and, I thought, correct) attempt to contact a chap here in Boston.  I do have a Plan C in abeyance.
Well, what news?  Listening to a passel of Bernstein which I'd never heard before: the symphonies, Facsimile, Symposium, Trouble in Tahiti.  It's all much better than I should have given it credit for, if I had listened a decade ago.
Revisited Pollini's recording of the Schoenberg piano solo music.  Better than memory seemed to report.  Again:  one's ears change, and (if one be lucky) they get "bigger" (cf. Zappa's "The Big Ears").
Ideas percolating for Mockingjay. That will have to be a fun piece.  Thinking of a piece to be called Oh, you think so, do you?

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