05 March 2011

This & that

Not anywhere near so numerous as Elton John’s garish eyewear (of course), but I have accumulated more neckties than I probably have actual use for. So I’ve been testing a ‘program’ of deliberately wearing an old tie . . . and disposing of it if that’s what feels right.

Curiously, one tie which I have long felt I want to rid myself of — it has a clarinet on it, but with no mouthpiece, sort of a headless woodwind — I discovered that if I wear it with a sweater, the offendingly forshortened clarinet is out of view, and it makes for an attractive knot.

Unfortunately, not all that surprising:

A very nice tribute from the BSO Concertmaster:

“We’ve experienced some of the most meaningful and endearing musical work of our lives under the leadership of James Levine,” said BSO concertmaster Malcolm Lowe.

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