29 November 2010

To air 4.xii.2010

Lance Hill invites:

On Saturday, December 4, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, I will present a tribute to Boston composer and clarinetist KARL HENNING. Born on October 6, 1960, Karl has an impressive background with his education having a double major in composition and clarinet performance for his bachelor's degree from the College of Wooster in Ohio, his master's degree in composition from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and his doctorate in composition from the University at Buffalo. His teachers included Charles Wuorinen and Louis Andriessen. Karl has also served as a choral director in the Boston area. Among his premiers is his 40-minute unaccompanied choral setting of the St John Passion, first performed in Boston. Karl has over 100 compositions with opus numbers at this time. He also spent time in Russia. It would be safe to say that he no doubt acquired much inspiration for his choral works after hearing the famous Russian choirs. Karl Henning is also a noted clarinetist and has performed in many venues playing his music and that of others. His own works are diversified and are given unique titles. Karl is a long-time member of CMG and contributes many erudite articles to our site.

The music of Karl Henning will include the following repertoire:

♫ Lost Waters, Op. 27, Nos. 1-4 (complete) with Mary Jane Rupert, harpist ["Irving's Hudson," "Thoreau's Walden," "Whitman's Ontario," and "Carlos Williams' Passaic"
♫ Three Things that Begin with 'C' [Cats, Clouds, and Canaries], Op. 65a with Karl Henning, clarinet, and Peter Lekx, viola
♫ Murmur of Many Waters, Op. 57 with Gordon Stout leading the Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble
♫ Castelo dos anjos (Castle Angels), Op. 90 with Boston vocal ensemble Tapestry ♫ Pascha nostrum, Op. 52a, Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, Mass., Karl Henning, director
♫ Song of Mary, Op. 39b, Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, Mass., Mark Englehardt, director

I offer information about Karl Henning at the outset of the broadcast.

Click on this link to take you directly to the broadcast:


The program can be heard anywhere in the world if your computer is equipped with speakers and you adjust your time schedule to equate to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. My usual descriptive dialogue about the artist or subject matter precedes the musical content.

I hope you will enjoy the program on Saturday, December 4, 2010, which is now heard across our great planet. I look forward to your comments, especially from those who hear the broadcast via the Internet. I am very pleased to know the program is being heard around the world including the entire United States. ♪


Cato said...

To paraphrase the George C. Scott impersonation of Patton: "All real Americans love Karl's music!"

I am hoping to hear the interview!

Unfortunately I have not had the time to stop by here regularly, but tonight I finally took the time, and have found - as usual - some fascinating items!

J.Z. Herrenberg said...

That will be 1 AM on Sunday for me, here in Delft... I'll make a note of it!

Nicole Chamberlain said...

Nice! I hope you post a reminder, or event invitation to remind all us scatter brains!