28 October 2010


What is it, Dress Like a Pirate Babe Night?

Hearty thanks to Heinrich Christensen for such musical and capable accompaniment at King's Chapel this Tuesday past. Still haven't checked the audio yet.

Reading what may well be the world's worst introduction to a classic novel. It's on exactly the same plan as some program notes my friend Brian Reinhart once mentioned, for a concert he attended — the piece is being performed for a paying public, so what in blazes was the author of the program notes thinking, when he talked the piece down in the program notes?

This case is even a bit worse, actually. A fatuous assurance to the reader that he who writes the introduction is so much cleverer than the critics who have acclaimed the novel, but he will show you what he is pleased to consider the shortcomings of the author's craft. Write your own damned article — or better yet, write your own novel and awe us with your cleverness on the wing.

Exulting in the 40th anniversary reissue of Stand Up.

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