09 May 2010

For a week hence

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Dear Bill,

Here I’ve attached two scores: my Canzona & Gigue, and an arrangement (varying degrees of liberty) dubbed Handeliana.

I’d suggest we do perhaps the first movement (or first & third) of the Handeliana for a Prelude; the Canzona during the service (for the Offertory?) and the Gigue for a Postlude.

When we get together to practice, if you like, we can give the middle movement of the Handeliana a run just for kicks.

The Canzona & Gigue I wrote for Mark Engelhardt and myself . . . he had given me short notice that he wanted the two of us to play something together for a service, so I made a point of writing an organ part that did not make great demands.

The Handeliana was an idea I’d been kicking around a long time (it was brewing a lot when we’d sing Messiah with Tom de Blois, for instance). The occasion for actually writing it was, James Woodman was subbing for Mark at the Cathedral, and (similarly) he reached out to me for original music for the two of us to play one Sunday.


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