16 February 2010

Snow for Composition

Very pleased with last night’s rehearsal of the Passion, notwithstanding the fact that a certain section of the choir seems to resist spending the time needed to master the music – which, in passages with subtly interlocking rhythms among the strands of choral ‘accompaniment’, is pretty seriously letting their fellow choristers down. Overall, though, the choir treated the piece and the rehearsal as if they mattered, and a solid quorum of the singers participated with full attention.

That said – there is still ample work to be done, but then, the performances are still about a month hence, and there is room for the will to learn the piece to become unpuzzled. Several sections of the piece are already working very nicely; the choir have now sung through the entire piece (thus learning where some of the continuity lapses are, which need a little attention), and all the components of the piece are more or less ‘in place’.

Recording arrived this past Friday of the Michigan performance of Out in the Sun. No, I haven’t yet listened to it. Is that news? Is it blogworthy? . . .

As the bus home this late afternoon negotiated traffic and slushy streets, I continued work on Discreet Erasures.

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