18 January 2010

More Glare

Slow progress on Lunar Glare. Not to complain, since I certainly feel that ability to devote any time at all to composition is a gain at present. Probably, I’ll throw half of it out; but I feel the need to fling some notes onto a page. Some of them will stick.

The piece is for someone who is plenty busy at present (and some of the busy-ness is musical), so I don’t feel I want to send sketches from a work-in-progress. Nor do I know just when I dare project an end date.

So, I just keep working, as I may. Not crazy about the experience that a physical condition can interfere with creative work, although that, too, must be a gift.

Another spate of flinging pieces out there, and hardly daring to hope that anything will actually come of it. Not passing scores around at all, though, would be absolute failure, I suppose.

At the very least, happily, there is the sure knowledge that the Passion is in rehearsal. And that a fine performance is the realistic end.

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