22 October 2009

Baby steps

On the screens of all the ATMs, and on the bank lobby windows, you see:

Think football? Bank football

You never see an advertising campaign that goes, Think classical music? Bank classical music.

Laid in work on the hazy chorale section of Discreet Erasures. As is happily typical, while I am at work on one section, musical ideas arrive for further on in the piece.

Word comes of a date change for one of the Passion performances in March; Sine Nomine will sing the piece on the 19th and 21st.

A friend in Maine writes:

For some reason, I most enjoy your music in the wilderness or taking a long walk with the dog. I understand that its not programmatic music but theres something about the instrumental combinations that is often not unlike an inner dialogue.

It is rewarding in a higher sense when anyone listens with such sensitivity to ones work.

Discreet Erasures ticker: [current data not available] 12:00 AM Thursday, 22 October

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