12 December 2008

A Perch Knelt Snorting

Found on Laura Goodin's blog (A Motley Coat): the Internet Anagram Server.

karl henning yielded only some ten results, none of them inspiring ("rankling hen" probably the best of a weak field). But the inclusion of my middle name generated 52633 results, some of them . . . well, here is a sampling:
Rectangles Ninth Pork
Tentacle Prong Shrink
Carpenters Long Think
Channeling Perk Torts
Repacking Lent Thorns
Capering Knelt Thorns
Channel Pert Stroking
Penchant Longer Skirt
Trenchant Sponger Ilk
Rancher Kens Plotting
Chanters Tinkle Prong
Tacklers Rent Phoning
Central Sponger Think
Spectral Rent Honking
A Perch Knelt Snorting
Grackle Tenpins North
Chapter Knelt Snoring
Transect Leghorn Pink
Nectar Sprinkle Thong
Ranching Elk Portents
Nightcap Kernel Snort
Starching Kennel Port
Lacking Serpent North
Lacking Northern Pets
Clanking Strophe Rent
Prancing Kettle Horns
Clang Thinnest Porker
Clangor Rethink Spent
Conga Tenth Sprinkler
Chalk Roentgen Prints
Chapel Rent Strong Ink

1 comment:

Laura E. Goodin said...

"Repacking Lent Thorns" -- what a story THERE!!!