08 September 2018

Heave-Ho anew

In the proposed program which appears in this blog a few days since, Gentle Reader, I listed the Boston Harbor Heave-Ho (Tea Party Dance) as scored for two flutes and clarinet.

Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a change.

It began in the group e-mail exchange with “the band” in which thoughts about rehearsal times and the program were batted about.  Seeing that the Tea Party Dance was horn-less, Pam wrote (in jest):  Don’t you need the horn to play offbeats in the new dance?

But, although a light remark, everyone liked the idea.  I mean, of adding the horn, not of giving Pam oom-pah’s.

The challenge, of course, was to add a fourth line, and have it fold in organically, not to have it feel like an “addition.”

That, Gentle Reader, was my work this afternoon, and the composer is well pleased with the result.

(This will mean, of course, that I need to add a fourth line to Revere’s Midnight Reel . . . I suppose for the spring concert.)

 (photo courtesy of Maria Bablyak)

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