07 December 2017

Day's-end trivia

At a holiday lunch, the chap next to me asked (and it was not mere politeness, though it may be that my earlier visible disinterest, in the conversation about sports organizations, may have inspired the polite query) How's the music coming?

As I took 10 seconds to consider just how to narrow my answer, I realized that here was someone with whom I had not shared the fact that I completed my First Symphony earlier this year. So that was the Big News I selected for sharing.

“I don't know yet who will perform it, or when—but the piece is done.”

He allowed me to send him the MIDI mp3 playlist. The key may be He allowed me—it was not at all that he pressed me for the chance to listen.

Still: there's a chance he may. And, if he do, there's a further chance that his ear may take a fierce fancy to it.

It's possible.

No knowing, even so, if anything musical may result.  But, my work may touch yet another mind.

Last night, I dreamt that the adjective unmemorable was used of people who have difficulty ... difficulty ... hang on, it'll come to me ....

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