15 September 2014

Whole lotta love

The weekend saw a good start on The Mysterious Fruit, Op.124 for mezzo-soprano and marimba (the author and singer have both seen the draught, and have both responded warmly); I continued this morning by looking over the entirety of the text for overall architecture, and even scribbling a few more notes.

The weekend saw quite a bit of tidying of old scores: a fresh Sibelius file of the Op.66 Prelude on Kremser for trumpet and organ (and an official score of the cl/org version, which is how I've played it some 10 times by now), and now reflecting the many expressive nuances I have played into the piece, which it was high time to add to the score. And the alternate version of Après-mystère with piccolo rather than C flute, which (again) is pretty much how we've always played it. So, a weekend of engraving into the scores some of the accumulated "oral tradition."

Yesterday, the choir made a great hit; when the anthem ended, the congregation applauded. As one of my choristers remarked, if the congregation applauds, the choir's mission is being fulfilled.

In the ongoing planning for the Christmas concert, I've secured a violinist's cooperation . . . so I am planning to write a piece for violin and the handbells. Working title is In the kindly Star's shadow.

Still hoping to get a brass quintet for that event . . . so I had better prepare the choral score of the Op.67 Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song.

I've got to prepare the bass part for the two calypso numbers for the choir.

I should formalize/expand the ad hoc arrangement we sang last year of "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me."

Next week is the first handbell choir rehearsal of the season; so I have got to have at least two pieces we are ready to read. I think one of them should be the Musette, which we can do better than at the first performance this past June, and which will go nicely on the Christmas concert.

I sent the Op.66 Prelude on Kremser to my old schoolmate Steve Falker, who says he's going to keep it.

Thinking of calling the fl/cl/vc trio (whenever I write it) See-Thru Voodoo.

And since Evelyn and I start rehearsing this Friday, yours truly had best get practicing, meself.

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