08 March 2011

A pretense to method

The Castelo novo needs a bit more massaging than I had figured.  Still seeking to Make It Work; haven’t come all this way just to come a musical cropper.

The Duke of Madness Motors DVD-ROM mp3 radio reissue commemoralia is already (i.e., upon the audition of but a single hour’s worth) a mind-blowing bonanza.  Finding yet newer admiration for the Four or Five Crazee Guys.

A monophony came to me last night while my head upon the pillow did rest, for use in How to Tell.  My inclination is for a spacious soundscape.  Two of my staunchest fans, though, are clamoring for more . . . activity.  Perhaps Castelo will serve to appease the demands for activity, and I can get away with following my incline.  Not that I am entirely averse to composing into an anticline.

My back-of-the-envelope schema for How to Tell has fairly tight turns to it, so perhaps that will be activity enough.  I feel that if I give this monophony (which will soon become a polyphony) the air it seems to demand, though . . . there will be revision of the schema.  Which of itself is within the Henning method, to be sure.

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