31 December 2009

Signing off on 2009

The program from the University of Michigan performance of Out in the Sun. I am told a recording is on the way. Who knows but it may yet arrive before the year is done. (Out in the Sun before the year is done . . . .)

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My mother enclosed an old wallet photo with this year’s Christmas card. Atypically, she did not record the date on the back of this one, but she reckons it dates from either Kindergarten or First Grade.

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That may have been the last occasion on which I wore a butterfly sans black tie. The picture was not new to me, but I had not either seen it or thought on it for a looong time. And now, it made me think immediately of a young photo included in the Captain Beefheart release, Trout Mask Replica, of a young Don [van] Vliet (the photo would have been taken earlier than the van was adopted):

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Not a stratospheric year, but a tolerably good year; here’s hoping 2010 is better still.

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