11 March 2009

Picasso’s Food-Fight

For Picasso, Gaudí’s famous church, the Sagrada Família, was something of a joke — more to Salvador Dalí’s taste, he once commented, than his. In the living room at La Californie there used to be an enormous panettone that mice had reduced to ruin. ‘Gaudí’s model,’ he would say.

(J. Richardson, A Life of Picasso. Vol. I: 1881-1906. p.62)


  1. Next time you come to Atlanta we should go to see the new Hindu temple in Lilburn. I've only driven by, never been inside.

    At least one architecturally ignorant local "lifestyle" writer has suggested it is Atlanta's "Taj Mahal," which is absurd.

    Aside from the fact the "Taj" is a mausoleum, it is also of the Moghul style influenced by Persian culture.

    This Hindu temple has absolutely nothing to do with that, but is the much older and more eastern style instructed in traditional religious texts. Extremely ornate in richly metaphorical expression of its panentheistic religious origins, the building fits together like a 3D stone jigsaw puzzle.

    Wish I'd parked across the street and taken a picture. It is an amazing structure that is completely out of place with its, um... "suburban" surroundings.