04 March 2015


Even though the piece was performed (and I was present) ... there are a couple of pages of The Wind, the Sky, & the Wheeling Stars which is some of the most beautiful music I wrote in 1999, but which has never yet been performed.

02 March 2015

Erasures and all

I've sent the Discreet Erasures to a conductor in the area, Yoichi Udagawa, who when he was director of the Quincy Symphony Orchestra had me write them a piece. (I am not at all sanguine that the Erasures will suit a group that he is currently leading, but I wanted to refresh the contact.) That done, I realize that I only have an old Finale file of the piece I had written for Quincy, The Wind, the Sky, & the Wheeling Stars, Op.46 . . . and that I have meant to produce a refreshed edition in Sibelius.

In the interval, a fellow Boston composer humbled me with a rave response to the Erasures.

After church yesterday, I spent most of the day working on the revision / Sibelius edition of The Wind, the Sky, & the Wheeling Stars. It is altogether a homier piece than the Erasures, but I am finding that I still like very well. I never did get a document of the first (and thus far, only, natch) performance. That performance was a little rough, but in abject candor, there were some bits which I notated unnecessarily difficult - hence the "new edition" aspect of this task . . . I originally wrote the piece 15-16 years ago, and, well, I have learnt a good deal in the interval. Plus this was the first orchestral score I had to deliver to a conductor, so of course I committed my share of errors. (The conductor wanted distance while the piece was in rehearsal, so I was not in the hall with the band until the dress; I do not mean to seem to second-guess that wish for the distance, and will observe simply that circumstances did not permit my "educating through" those errors into perfection.)

Anyway, I am not quite half finished with the present edition; I am easily emending the things which wanted adjustment, and, modest though the piece be, I find it good for what it is.

Once I get this revision/refresh done, it's on to finish the Gloria, so that then the Mass, Op. 106 is complete. And then? White Nights!

28 February 2015

Three or Four

The mind and heart settled, I find that Discreet Erasures is indeed finished. This project put me in mind of a very different earlier piece, composed for the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, and indeed composed long enough ago that I have only an old Finale file. Since I am going to need to put her a bit with the Sibelius file of the Discreet Erasures simply for parts management, I think that creating a Sibelius edition of The Wind, the Sky, & the Wheeling Stars will be apt preparation.

So, today I set to that task. I then had the happy interruption of being asked for some of my music for clarinet and organ. Last year I prepared the organ solo adaptation of the Op.77 Canzona & Gigue, but I did not yet follow through with a Sibelius edition of the original. This I have now done.
At least, I did already have a Sibelius file of the clarinet version of the Prelude on 《 Kremser.

27 February 2015

Done! Done?

Will sleep on it, but I believe I may just have won my way to the end of the Discreet Erasures. The ending is just what I wanted: something for everyone to do on the last pages, but a quiet ending all the same. And the whole piece, perfectly organic, in spite of my having started the score in 1999: very proud to have pulled it off (as I am fond to think I have).

There may be some tinkering I need to do with the Sibelius file, so that the parts come out properly; for I started the file, not really knowing how to manage the staves.

Destination in View!

So far today, I have folded in Phases I & II of my notes from yesterday, and am entirely pleased with the result. This evening is for rolling up the sleeves for Phase III, which I am content to run its course into tomorrow as needed — and I think the Discreet Erasures may be completed before sundown tomorrow.

26 February 2015

Progress not apparent, but ...

... I am not idle. Sure, when I opened my three-ring binder on the train, I found I had left my pen at home; so, I sent notes for the closing passages of Discreet Erasures to myself via email. At lunchtime, equipped with a fresh pen and my email notes, I made some sketches. Since I shall soon be on my way to choir, that may be the extent of today's work ... but that, and the cogitation, will count for a great deal when I set to it tomorrow.

25 February 2015

End in sight

More progress on Discreet Erasures.  I should think it entirely feasible to have the piece finished this weekend.